Hi there, I am Plagiatus, a German Minecraft Mapmaker, Programmer and wanna-be Gamedesigner.

I’ve been playing Minecraft for several years now and i really started to enjoy building maps for me and my friends. With the introduction of commandblocks a whole world came to exist, that flourished over the past years, with me in the middle of it.

I started out with purely piston and redstone based maps (the earliest being Puzzle-Trio, which has since been updated to incorporate a few commandblocks for convenience) and slowly worked my way through with all the commands the game has to offer (I’m still not sure if i completely got /stats). Someday i thought that my maps and other creations might become better known if i made some videos about them. And here we are, now I’m even making my own website.

If you want to know more about me, do a project with me, want me to do something for you, just tweet me (@realplagiatus) or send me an email.

Proud owner of the Mapmakers Cape.

  • Favorite Food: Rice Pudding
  • Early inspirations: esp. SethBling, Dragnoz
  • Favorite Youtubers: Xisumavoid, LeFloid (german)
  • Proudest Project: Eventhough i love all of my projects, the one I’m most proud of is my Chess in 1.7
  • Favorite Color: Yellow. (Red when it comes to technical stuff like Laptops and Sound Equipment)