Since I’m not only a minecraft mapmaker but also a trained programmer, I also have a few other projects that are not minecraft related but still worth mentioning.



This C++ based Windows Desktop application is the result of the semester project in my 4th semester of Computer Science. It uses various image processing algorithms to find a barcode wherever it’s hidden on a picture. It’s even able to do the calculations live, so you can actually just hold a barcode in the camera and wiggle it around a bit until it found it.
It will then attempt to find the information about the scanned barcode and saying it out loud.

The original idea behind this application was a mobile app that allowed visually handicapped people to easily go shopping with their smartphones, without having to find the barcode on the product but make the application itself find it.


Repository Classifier

This Python based App is able to take a github-repository link as an input and categorize it into one of 7 categories. Those categories are based on it’s actual content and thus allows for quick filtering of interesting repositories. It includes a detailed installation guide as well as a GUI, a CLI and a headless console version. It has only been exported to Windows (.exe) but since it’s a Python Project coded with cross compatibility in mind, you should be able to build it yourself on whatever OS you’re working on.




Yes, I’ve created games that aren’t minecraft maps.